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    Reliable Due Diligence Services. Customized To Your Needs.

    Arc Attest offers comprehensive range of Due Diligence Services which prevents Legal Risk, Compliance Risk and Financial Credibility.
  • Comprehensive Court Record Check

    Verify Civil and Criminal Records Across all Courts in India.  Never Miss a Court Record.

    Arc Attest offers Comprehensive Court Record Check which verifies case records across all the 9000+ courts and tribunals in India i.e. Local Courts, Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court of India and not just limited to any one jurisdiction. Comprehensive Court Record Checks will add immense value to your risk assessment and mitigate the risk of hiring employees with criminal records.
  • Initiating Background Verification Just A Click Away

    Online Request. Digital Consent Form. Paperless Initiation. Peace of Mind.

    Arc Attest offers comprehensive range of Background Checks i.e. Employment Screening, Professional Reference, Criminal Record Check, Court Record Check, Address Verification, Educational Qualification, Global Due Diligence and Risk Database Screening, Financial Credit, Proof Check, Aadhaar Verification, Drug Test, etc. and can offer extensive package customization as per your business needs.

Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence services are critical & companies opt for verifications to mitigate risk, prevent frauds, establish trust & protect company brand value & profitability. Overall due diligence services are essential for making informed decisions and ensuring that a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with a business transaction are made. By investing in due diligence you can safeguard your interest, maximize likelihood of a successful outcome and protect from potential liabilities and surprises. 

Vendor Due Diligence

It's a process in which a company assesses and evaluates the Financial, Operational, Legal and other relevant aspects of a potential vendor before entering into a business relationship with them.

Getting Vendor Due Diligence checked is crucial as it safeguards against unforeseen risks, prevent business vulnerability and enhance decision making.

Supplier Due Diligence

It's a process in which a company evaluates and assesses the suitability, reliability and integrity of its suppliers before engaging in a business relationship with them. Getting Supplier Due Diligence checked is crucial as it helps safeguard against fraud, regulatory violation and disruptions, prompting transparency and trust in supplier relationship.

Startup Due Diligence

It's the comprehensive investigation and assessment of a startup company by potential investors, acquirers or partners before entering into a financial or business transaction. Getting Startup Due Diligence checked is crucial as it helps investors and entrepreneurs identify potential pitfalls, validate business plans and align expectations, increasing the likelihood of a successful startup venture. 

Customer Due Diligence

It's a process used by businesses to verify and assess the identity and legitimacy of its customers. 

Getting Customer Due Diligence checked is crucial as it ensures compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, safeguards against illegal activities and protect the reputation and financial integrity of business.

Franchise Due Diligence

It's the process of researching and evaluating an opportunity before investing or purchasing a franchise business. Getting Franchise Due Diligence checked is crucial as it helps potential franchisees avoid costly mistake, assess franchise viability and make informed decisions for long term success.

Reseller Due Diligence

It's the process of evaluating and assessing a potential reseller or distributor before entering into a business relationship with them. Getting Reseller Due Diligence checked is crucial as it minimizes risks of market misalignment, financial loss and reputation damage, safeguarding successful partnership and brand integrity. 

Parameters Checked

KYC & Company Vitals

Legal Risk

Compliance Risk

Financial Risk

Operational Risk

Global Law Enforcement

Global Sanctions

Global Regulatory Enforcement

Global Compliance Risk

Global Adverse Media Check

Reputational Risk

Conflict of Interest

Intellectual Property Risk

Business License

Global Political Exposure Individuals/Entities

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Checks We Offer.

 Company Vitals 

Verify a company on several parameters - CIN (Corporate Identification Number), incorporation details, registered address, authorized capital, paid up capital, list of current directors etc.

Applicable for :  Company 

 Criminal and Civil Litigation 

Verify records across all the courts in India, several tribunals and defaulters list from several public databases across India to mitigate the risk of hiring candidates with any civil matters or criminal records. Records searched across all local courts, high courts & supreme court; tribunals such as ITAT, NCLT, DRT, CESTAT & defaulters list released by MCA, EPFO, financial credit bureaus etc.

Applicable for:  Company   Director 

 OIG Exclusion List 

Searched Exclusions Database list of all currently excluded individuals and entities called the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE). Hiring an individual/entity on LEIE may be subject to civil

 monetary penalties (CMP).

Applicable for :  Company   Director 

 Summary or Index of Charges 

Get the summary of charges of a company on its assets and properties, present and future. Gathering details on the charges created by a company on its assets and properties, present and future, in favor of financial institutions.

Applicable for :  Company 

Financial Credit

Verify financial credit & financial health of the Director / KMP from authorized credit investigation agencies in India such as TransUnion CIBIL, Experian, Equifax, CRIF Highmark etc.

Applicable for :   Company   Director 

GSA Exclusion List

Searches the databases who are excluded from participation in federal procurement. System for Award Management (SAM) incorporates data from multiple federal databases - the Central Contractor Registry (CCR), the Federal Agency Registration (FedReg), Online Representation and Certifications Application (ORCA) and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) - as well as the OIG's LEIE.

Applicable for :  Company   Director  

Company Financials

Get the Financial Statements; Profit and Loss Statements & Balance Sheet for last 2/3 years as available of a company from MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) database in Schedule III format.

Applicable for :  Company 

 Global Database 

Mitigate the risk in relation to Politically Exposed Person, Heightened Risk Individuals & Organizations, Financial Risk, Regulatory & Reputational Risk such as Sanction & Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Financial Crime, negative Media Research etc. from risk intelligence companies, world check etc.

Applicable for :  Company   Director 

 OFAC Sanctions List 

Searches the database of OFAC published list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries & list of individuals, groups and entities such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs that are not country specific. Database are categorized as Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List, Consolidated Sanctions List & Additional OFAC Sanctions Lists.

Applicable for :  Company   Director  

Directors List 

Finding information on present directors in the company. And search the directors in past 3 years whether there have been any additions or resignation in last 3 years

Applicable for :  Company 

 Address Verification 

Verify registered or primary address claimed by the company and ascertain whether the company have been into existence at the given address by conducting a physical site visit.

Applicable for :  Company   Director 

 Adverse Media Check 

Searches adverse media content from over 13000+ print and web media sources, which are carefully selected and continuously vetted for relevance. Media Check structures this content using intelligent tagging to improve screening efficiency and relevancy.

Applicable for :  Company   Director    

Company Shareholdings

Identify shareholders info and the number of shares held by each of them and whether there have been any changes to understand any shareholding related risks in last 3 years.

Applicable for :  Company 

 Reference Check 

Get feedback from the connected parties such as their clients, partners, vendors etc. to ascertain the performance of the organization on agreed parameters to assess the credibility of the organization.

Applicable for :  Company 

Trademark Search 

Verify if a legally differentiating insignia, phrase or symbol denoting a product or service by an organization is owned by that organization.

Applicable for :  Company 


Verify authenticity and reliability of the documents such as PAN, GSTIN, Certificate of Incorporation (COI), Passports, PAN, Driving License, Voters Identity, etc. from respective governing bodies in India.

Applicable for :  Company   Director 

 UNSC Consolidated List 

Search in the Consolidated List include all individuals and entities subject to measures imposed by the United Nations Security Council. 

Applicable for :  Company   Director 

ISO Certification Check

Verify authenticity of the ISO Certificate issued to the entity by the accredited certification and inspection companies from respective governing bodies.

Applicable for :  Company 

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Key Benefits.

Due diligence services offer invaluable benefits to businesses and individuals engaged in transactions and investment decisions. By conducting thorough investigations, due diligence helps identify and mitigate risks, ensuring informed decision-making. It fosters transparency and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, safeguarding all parties involved. Moreover, it aids in accurately valuing assets, enabling fair negotiations and preventing costly mistakes. The process also uncovers hidden opportunities and synergies, enhancing value creation. Ultimately, due diligence protects stakeholder's interests, provides negotiation leverage, and facilitates smooth post-acquisition integration in mergers and acquisitions. In summary, these services are indispensable for mitigating risks, maximizing opportunities, and ensuring the success of various business ventures

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Due diligence helps identify potential risks associated with a transaction or investment. By uncovering risks early, business can develop strategies to mitigate them and make informed decisions to protect their interests.

Financial Assessment & Projection ​

It involves a thorough examination of financial statements, historical performance and future projections. This helps in assessing the financial health of a target company and making accurate financial forecasts.

Informed Decision Making

Due diligence provides the necessary information and insights to make well-informed decisions. It helps stakeholders understand the opportunities and challenges associated with a particular venture or investment.

Assurance of Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in crucial. Due Diligence verifies that the target company adheres to all applicable laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues
down the line.

Protect Brand Value 

By identifying any potential ethical or reputational risks associated with a target company, due diligence helps protect the brand value and reputation of the acquiring or investing entity

Establish Trust 

Thorough due diligence fosters trust between parties involved in a transaction. It demonstrates a commitment to transparency and integrity, which can lead to smoother negotiations and long-term relationships.

Protect Company Profitability

By uncovering financial or operational issues, due diligence helps prevent investments in underperforming or unsustainable businesses, preserving the profitability of the investing company.

Boost Confidence

Stakeholders, such as investors, lenders, or business partners, gain confidence in their decisions when they have comprehensive due diligence information at hand. This can lead to increased participation and support for a particular venture.

Improve Performance

Post-transaction, due diligence findings can be used to develop strategies for improving the performance of the acquired or partnered entity. This may include streamlining operations, optimizing resources, and implementing best practices.

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Process Flow.

 The overall process for Due Diligence Services from initiation to final report submission is mentioned below. 

We are flexible and agile to incorporate any kinds of customizations in process, report format, etc. as per your business requirements. 

Digital Consent Form
​Document Submission

by Candidate

Case Allocation
​Data Validation

by Operations Team

Primary Research
​Case Initiation

by Operations Team

Verification &
​Report Preparation

by Operations Team

Quality Check &
Final Report Validation

by Quality Team

Final Report

by CRM Team

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