About Us.

Arc Attest has been recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable partner for Background Verification Services in India.

Found in 2011, Arc Attest has been recognized as a dynamic enterprise for Background Verification Services who's known for its uncompromised quality and customer satisfaction. We are deliberately and competently growing Background Screening company in India which thrives success for its clients and people. We work with an integrated approach to be recognized as a preferred choice for companies and is proud to be preferred partner to now over 500 clients across India.

Arc Attest offers comprehensive range of Background Checks i.e. Employment Screening, Professional Background, Criminal Records, Court Records, Global Due Diligence and Risk Database Screening, Address Verification, Educational Qualification, Financial Credit, Proof Checks and various checks as per your business needs. Arc Attest help companies in mitigating risk of frauds, create safe work environment, prevent frauds, establish trust and protect company brand value and profitability by assisting them in background screening of the employees they recruit.

Our smart, digital, automated processes help our clients save good amount of time and resources invested by them by reducing the inputs and monitoring from their team. Our team proactively focuses towards betterment of the processes to make them more efficient and effective which saves time and resources and delivers best results without compromising on the quality of outputs. We are a proactive and vibrant community of professionals and our detail-driven indigenous professionals extends excellent service experience and believes in client satisfaction to its core.


To be the preferred partner recognized for the quality, customer service and our people.


Customer satisfaction through professional excellence through quality and commercial success & employee satisfaction through consistent growth and employee fulfilment.

​Culture Code.

We’re a mission-driven company that creates work that matters. And in the process of doing that, we’re a close-knit, family oriented, serious but fun-loving group of people. We do everything from working together to serving together - both using our creative powers & in other ways. We create the space in our day to explore things & wonder how we see the world.


Experiment Without Fear

We like to think of ourselves as mad scientists. For every failed experiment, we learn one lesson that will help you out in the future. Here, failure is just another step towards success.

Improve Continuously

We're not happy with the status quo. As consistently & deliberately growing company, we believe we can always better ourselves, in professional as well as personal life. We believe in it so much, we are open to all the suggestions, dedicated to our future goals.

Do The Impossible

We don’t believe in the word impossible and we believe no one should either, we want to see others shoot past their wildest dreams and into new territory altogether.

Be You & Speak Up

People are more than suits, ties, & names on a payroll. They're creative, they’re individuals with families, hobbies, lives outside of the office & stories to teach us, they’re unique & we encourage individual expression. When someone applies that unique viewpoint, style of dress or hair color to their work - special things happen. Creative thinking & the ability to share ideas are a job requirement! Be Yourself!

Enjoy The Ride

Working here means you're a part of the family. Have fun with the twists, turns, camaraderie & milestones. We'll be right there with you, enjoying the ride together.

Why Join Us?
→  A space to think freely, experiment & learn.
→  Limitless opportunities for growth & an environment conducive for your well-being.
→  Employee friendly practices that ensures a healthy work life balance.
→  Growth, rewards & recognition for your commendable performance.
→  A vibrant & friendly team who guides you through thick & thin.

Interested To Work With Us?

If you are passionate about what you do, deliver it with authenticity, are distinctive from your peers and brave when it comes to creating the next generation of workforce, then we'd love to talk to you. Write an email to hr@arcattest.com or click the button below to fill your info and we will get in touch with you or come up for a cup of a coffee to explore the opportunities and possibilities for an association.