Verify the financial credit & financial health of the employee from the authorized credit investigation agencies in India such as TransUnion CIBIL, Experian, etc. to mitigate the risk of frauds.

What is Financial Credit Screening?

Financial Background check is meant to assess a person’s financial responsibility by looking at how they manage money in their day-to-day life. A credit or financial background check may also yield information about civil suits or judgments, bankruptcies, accounts in collection, collection amounts, and tax liens. An employment credit history report offers valuable insight into an applicant's sense of responsibility and financial track record. These considerations weigh strongly when hiring for financial services organizations and retail companies or for positions of fiscal responsibility. By accessing information from credit bureaus, credit history background checks can identify whether a job candidate has any accounts in collections, open loans, inquiries made by third parties, or similar warning signs.

What Parameters are Verified?

Key Validations: Credit card debt, Mortgage and Car Payments, Student and other Loans, and your payment history of those debts and loans – including Late Payments.

Source of Verification

 Authorized Credit Bureaus and its channel partners.

Mode of Verification


TAT (Turn-Around Time)

3 to 15 business days