Verify the personality, behaviour & other necessary information such as interpersonal skills, behaviour in a team, integrity & ethics, etc. from the personal references i.e. family, friends, mentors, professors, etc.

What is Personal Reference Screening?

Also known as a character reference, is a reference provided by an individual who knows you and can vouch for your character and abilities. Depending on the type of position and your circumstances, personal references can be an excellent choice to support your candidacy. A personal reference is a chance to describe your in more detail than your CV or Cover Letter. So it needs to focus more on your character, attitude and personal skills rather than work.

What Parameters are Verified?

Key Validations: Character, Abilities, Personality, Work Ethic, Reliability, Ability to achieve in an Employment or Academic setting, Communication, Aptitude, Responsibility

Source of Verification

Business Acquaintances, Teacher, Professors & Academic Advisors, Volunteer Leaders, Religious Workers, Friends, Coaches, and Neighbors can all provide a personal reference.

Mode of Verification

Email, Phone, Site Visit

TAT (Turn-Around Time)

3 to 15 business days