Verify the professional background of the employees i.e. roles & responsibilities, industry knowledge, interpersonal skills, integrity & ethics, behaviour, overall performance, etc. from the Reporting Managers or Peers.

What is Professional Reference Screening?

Verify the professional capabilities of a candidate on various parameters with their reporting managers, departmental heads or colleagues. Professional references provide an in-depth information about the candidate's working manners, knowledge & also their interpersonal skills. Get their reviews on the basis of their industry knowledge, overall performance, team-work capabilities, interpersonal skills, relationships with peers & superiors, team handling abilities, etc. & any additional information about any achievements or even irregularity if observed during the course of their employment. This check is done in order to identify the performance, behaviour & work ethics of the candidate during the tenure which gives an insight about the overall professional background.

What Parameters are Verified?

Key Validations: Employer Name, Employment Background, Industry Knowledge, Performance & Behaviour in a Team, Relation with Peers & Supervisors, Integrity & Work Ethics, Interpersonal Skills, Attitude Towards Work, Overall Job Performance Rating, Eligibility for Rehire; If No, Why? & Any Additional Information (as required).

Source of Verification

Generally, the reporting managers, departmental heads or colleagues of the company. In case of small companies from the owners, partners, directors or some managerial positions in the company.

Mode of Verification

Email, Phone, Site Visit

TAT (Turn-Around Time)

3 to 15 business days