Auto Verify - Ex-Employees

It is an easy to use, secure, web based automated platform that relieves employers from handling verification requests from background screening companies and fellow organisations, by automating the ex-employee verification process. It delivers powerful insights on exited employee movement to help employers manage attrition and build culture. It uses an advanced technology, that offers a dedicated web based, automated repository of ex-employees to deliver quick and efficient employment verification. It allows employers to upload employee information in a more controlled, secure and uniform manner. It eliminates manual efforts to free up time and increase productivity of employers.

Key Benefits.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by outsourcing non-productive jobs to automated platform that relieves you from handling requests for background verification.

Reduce Overheads

It curtails the overheads as you deploy a technology that works smarter and relieves you from doing the recurring jobs that of no returns.

Save Time

Smart systems and software have always aided the task force to automate the recurring task which in turn helps save time and resources.

Prevent Data Tampering

Application is built in such a way that no one can share biased verification as the intelligent system and automated workflow prevents data tampering.

Secure & Automated

The platform is built keeping the security standards at utmost priority and our automated workflow with two-level approval process helps to secure it.

Instant Verification

Authenticate or disapprove the verification requests instantly with a single click from the application and reduce the response time to verify.

Authenticity & Accuracy

Maintain accuracy of the records while verification and prevent from human errors as the automated workflow allows to verify approved data only.

Real Time Reporting

Get the real time customized reports that suits your business needs from the secured cloud-based application for all your verification requests.

Data Analytics

Get powerful insights on exited employees i.e. reasons for exit, top competitors stealing talent, etc. to manage your attrition and build better culture.

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