• Mitigate The Risk Of Frauds

    Reliable Background Checks. Comprehensive Background Verification. Customized To Your Needs.

    Arc Attest offers comprehensive range of Background Checks i.e. Employment Verification, Professional Reference Check, Criminal Record Check, Comprehensive Court Record Check, Address Verification, Academic Record Check, Global Risk Database, Financial Credit, Aadhaar Verification, Proof Check, Drug Test, etc. and can offer extensive package customization as per your business needs.
  • Comprehensive Court Record Check

    Verify Civil and Criminal Records Across all Courts in India.  Never Miss a Court Record.

    Arc Attest offers Comprehensive Court Record Check which verifies case records across all the 9000+ courts and tribunals in India i.e. Local Courts, Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court of India and not just limited to any one jurisdiction. Comprehensive Court Record Checks will add immense value to your risk assessment and mitigate the risk of hiring employees with criminal records.
  • Initiating Background Verification Just A Click Away

    Online Request. Digital Consent Form. Paperless Initiation. Peace of Mind.

    Arc Attest offers comprehensive range of Background Checks i.e. Employment Screening, Professional Reference, Criminal Record Check, Court Record Check, Address Verification, Educational Qualification, Global Due Diligence and Risk Database Screening, Financial Credit, Proof Check, Aadhaar Verification, Drug Test, etc. and can offer extensive package customization as per your business needs.

Employee Background Verification Services.

Human Capital is the most precious asset for any business. We help companies to save time and resources which allows them to focus on their core job and increase productivity through our solutions that help companies in hiring the right talent and also protect their business by mitigating the risk of frauds and save company profitability and brand through our Background Verification and Screening Solutions.

Checks We Offer.

Arc Attest has been recognized as one of the best background verification companies in India. It offers comprehensive range of background checks and screening solutions that are highly flexible and can customize packages as per your business needs. Its digital workflows ensures to deliver verification reports in quick turn-around time.

  • Employment Check
  • Professional Reference
  • Personal Reference
  • Education Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Identity Proof
  • Comprehensive Criminal Record
  • Court Record Check
  • Global Database
  • Financial Credit
  • Medical Test
  • Drug Test
  • UNSC Consolidated List
  • OFAC Sanctions List
  • OIG Exclusion List
  • GSA Exclusion List
  • Adverse Media Check
  • Social Media Check (AI based)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • CV Validation
  • GAP Verification
  • Aadhaar Verification
  • PAN Verification
  • Passport Verification

Our Clients.

What makes big brands want to work with us for background checks?

Our Clients Experience.

We aim for best customer experience while keeping things simple, this makes our work stand up & do the job.
We thrive success for our clients & our people. We love doing what we do, & you'll enjoy working with us.

Key Differentiators.

The key differentiators on why to choose us in the industry over others which adds value & saves time & resources for your company are as follows:

Go Paperless Go Digital

Evidence-backed Reports

Quick Resolutions

Customer First Approach

Report & Process Customization

100% Data Security

Unrestricted Attempts

Great Customer Experience

GDPR, IP & Geo Restrictions

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